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The Leading Aspect Award is a self-evaluation framework that is flexible and can be used by anyone connected to Education and is appropriate for any aspect of Education.

The distinctive nature of the award is that it supports your own agendas.

You decide what it is that is leading practice based on your own knowledge of your strengths.

Generic Criteria

The framework is based on eight criteria:

  1. Commitment to quality for all involved
  2. Policy
  3. Leadership and management
  4. Teaching and learning
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation
  6. Outcomes / Impact
  7. External benefits
  8. Sharing good practice and disseminating innovation

Who benefits from the Award?

The Leading Aspect Award has a number of clear benefits.

An Individual benefits because the award:

  • Provides you with validated evidence towards your performance management or appraisal
  • Recognises your contribution to educational change
  • Gives a frame-work for self-evaluation of work you are under taking
  • Recognises your contribution to collaborative learning
  • Acknowledges your improvements to outcomes for learners

Your establishment benefits because the award:

  • Impacts positively on everyone with the establishment
  • Acknowledges the contribution of individuals and teams
  • Supports the process of organisational improvement via self-evaluation and review
  • Raises the profile of the establishment
  • Let others see how good your provision is

Education benefits because the award:

  • Highlights examples of outstanding and inspiring practice
  • Helps support system-wide change that impacts directly on learners
  • Creates opportunities for shared learning
  • Facilitates networking, collaborative and partnership working;
  • Develops the self-esteem of individuals and team morale

What Kind of Activities Can Qualify for an Award?

Almost any kind of activity or project carried out in your organisation can qualify for an award as long as it meets the criteria, shows impact and sustainability.

You will need to demonstrate:

  • Clear commitment to quality
  • Effective processes for monitoring and review
  • How the practice has impacted on your organisation

Your application will need to show:

  • How the work has enriched teaching and learning
  • How it has contributed to the development of policy and practice
  • How it has strengthened leadership and management

You will also have to show:

  • Positive outcomes within the establishment and in the wider community
  • How you share the practice with others

 The Leading Aspect Award

Learn together
Enjoy exploring your strengths
Access opportunities for team work
Determine ways to improve
Involve all stakeholders
Notice new aspects
Gain recognition 
Ask your own questions
State your existing good practice
Provide a range of evidence
Engage in reflection
Celebrate your journey
Tell your community about your success


"There is excellent practice going on everywhere... and often in the most unexpected places. This award gives encouragement and formal recognition to the dedicated people involved."
Professor Tim Brighouse


"Taking part in the Leading Aspect Award has re-enforced our belief in the importance of 'joined up' working between all professionals involved within the child care setting."
Julie Archer,Director of Education Services FCA Group of Companies


"Going to the Leading Aspect Award Celebration showed that my achievements had been recognised. It was also a chance to socialise with other young adults who have experienced similar events as myself"
Stacey Singfield, Wyvern Community School, North Somerset


"Taking part in the Leading Aspect Award has enabled the whole school community to acknowledge and celebrate our achievements. It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to participate in sharing good practice."
Cynthia Evans, Headteacher, Sytchampton Endowed First School


"Going to the Leading Aspect Award Celebration showed that my achievements had been recognised. It was also a chance to socialise with other young adults who have experienced similar events as myself."
Stacey Singfield, Student, Wyvern Community School, North Somerset


"Participation in the Leading Aspect Award scheme has enabled us to celebrate and share those aspects of practice which we value most highly; the entire Piper Hill team, both staff and students, have been delighted with this national recognition of our achievement."
Wendy Godfrey, Assistant Headteacher, Piper Hill High School, Manchester


"The Leading Aspect Award recognises passionate attempts by professionals to make a real difference to the service they provide. This is an award which recognises the values that permeate learning opportunities and enables learning communities to celebrate success."
Pamela Taylor, Principal, Newman College of Higher Education