Q: 12. How do I get further information?
A: Please contact:
Leading Aspect Award Agency.

Or consult the website: www.leadingaspectaward.org.uk
Q: 10. What if we have more than one application?
A: The cost will be £600 for each additional application.
Q: 9. Can I work with another provider?
A: Yes. Examples of providers working together in partnerships; collaborations and other groupings can be seen on the website. The cost of an application remains at £600 for networks and clusters, with the verifier visiting the lead provider.
Q: 6. How much does this cost and what does it include?
A: The cost of an application is £600. This will be invoiced as soon as the assessment panel has agreed a visit. It includes the verification visit, certificate and case study onto the website. There may be invitations to national and local conferences to share your practice.
Q: 1. What is the Leading Aspect Award?
A: The Leading Aspect Award is a framework that has been developed to recognise and celebrate leading practice. The framework consists of 8 criteria with an establishment/group/provider (known as the provider) using its own examples of activities to demonstrate how they meet each criteria. Evidence has to be identified to show where activities take place. There is no requirement to collate this as a portfolio of evidence. However, if this is beneficial it can be done.
Q: 2. What is the process for application and accreditation?
A: A provider identifies the leading aspect they want to put forward for verification. They carry out a self-assessment with the appropriate personnel. The application is completed using the online website application. The process for gaining a Leading Aspect Award is shown under the document section of this website.
Q: 3. Who can apply?
A: Anyone providing or connected to an education establishment, for example: staff, governing body, group of young people, Local Authority, Early Years settings, collaborative groupings, sponsors, independent providers, Higher Education Institutions, Further Education, Pupil Referral Units, Academies, Free Schools, etc.
Q: 4. Am I ready to apply?
A: Ask yourself the question "is my aspect developed enough to share with others?"
Q: 5. What's in this for us?
A: The framework provides a process to support your own self-review. It helps to identify and gain public recognition for leading practice at both a local and national level. Through recognition it highlights aspects that can boost an individual group and/or students' morale, confidence and self-esteem. The framework is an inclusive model in that all partners in an establishment can contribute.
Q: 7. What are the benefits?
A: The Leading Aspect Award highlights leading practice and provides accreditation against standards. It is a proven rigorous model that supports improvement. All successful proposals will receive a certificate. Leading practice will be shared locally and nationally.
Q: 8. How will our leading practice be shared?
A: Case studies of leading practice will be launched on The Leading Aspect Award website (www.leadingaspectaward.org.uk). Your setting will be identified as an example of leading practice to others wanting to develop that aspect. When and where it is relevant providers will be invited to share their practice at conferences and workshops, both locally and nationally.

Q: 11. What happens at the end of the 3 years?
A: At the end of the 3 year period applicants are welcome to apply for the aspect again. You may wish to change the focus.